Brett Tanner
Colton Whitney
Greg Harrelson
Jillian Batchelor
Daniel Dixon
Jon Cheplak
Matt Smith
Daniel Beer
Raquel Quinet
Nikki Miller
Steve Hawks
René Rodriguez
Cody Gibson
Blake Cory
Stephen Votino
Steve de Laveaga

Steve's Notes

Day 1:

Brand Wars:

  •  Who you give your $ to, find your tribe, be in a room where you’re the smallest producer.

Blake Cory

  • Mindset, only 5 years away from Anything that you want. Doesn’t matter where you come from!

Rene Rodriguez

  • Care enough to be unreasonable. Trusted source of reality, to fill the Gap.

Greg Harrelson

  • there are no “Unresponsive, disengaged or dead Leads”. Leads are ignored in the dreaming or Exploratory phase, then they ignore us in the Buying stage. Capture to Contact ratio, (Double dial, Text, Dial, Video text ‘Putting a Face to the voice’ tactic). Contact to appointment ratio- Give them access to home, first sentence. Appointments to contact ratio- ‘Buyers buy through process of elimination- Does this go on the Selection List or the elimination list’

Jon Cheplak:

  • 1 year perspective TODAY! Principles – Standards – Skill Building. Profit Process People. People move the money! Emotional intelligence and Emotional Maturity. Every outcome you don’t own, will never change. Declare how you participated! Internal and External Decisioning. Seeding the next step as part of every discussion. Why is a term of accusation. 3 silos – Staff, Marketing, Overhead. Your Standards are what you Allow. Be unemotional about the outcome, be process based. Is it your truth or The Truth.

Raquel Quinet

  • Be Brave, Clarity, Reboot your personal OS System, ROR – Return on Relationships.

Dan Beer

  • Create Chaos to stay Strong, personal. Balance is a lie. Recovery is Mandatory – Refuel your peace of mind. Favor Purpose over Approval. Purpose must be greater than your need for approval! Identity – I am someone who can do hard things. Pick 3 Things YOU NEED TO OWN again in your Business.

Cody Gibson:

  • The Gap between Success and Failure is small. 88% have only sold homes in an ascending market. Pick your problems – Pick wisely. The Habits you choose determine your Future. Idea of a 5-minute funeral. Activity begets Activity. When you haven’t been there, you don’t know what to say to get there. 12% – open rate. What you resist will persist. 89% more open rates for text. shorter. Misspelled. Emojis. 160 characters.

Day 2 – 

Brett Tanner:

  • You need a Wealth Plan! Selling homes won’t make you wealthy, it creates cash you can invest. What is your Story to build wealth that you tell yourself. Wealth = Freedom. 30/30/3 – house payment, House to wealth and 3 years savings. ROR – The greatest investment you can make. 9 keys to becoming a Millionaire: 1. Paper millionaire versus Cash millionaire. CASH FLOW. 2. The urge to be liquid. 3. Debt is bad. 4. Living above your means. 5. They DON’T see people as an investment. People are the biggest investment opportunity. 6. They don’t study Money! 7. They Don’t have a plan.

  • 3 pillars of Wealth: Uninterrupted, Passive, Compound Returns. 3 timeframes: Short Term Cash, Mid Term Investment, Forever Assets. What is your Deal Hierarchy?

Colton Whitney:

  • You are defined by your Struggles. You can’t use logic when battling emotion. Keep clients OFF the fence from the beginning. Play Offense/Arm your clients/Proactive fence deflection. Expectations in Lead Conversion is crucial, consumers start earlier and take longer. Perspective change takes time.

Matt Smith:

  • “When everything is important, nothing actually is. When you narrow your focus you expand your potential!” Master the monotonous. Consistency and accountability. You have to have the compound of time. Accountability is the highest form of Love! Value unarticulated is value unappreciated. We overcomplicate systems and shoot past the target 🎯.

Ladies Panel (Nikki, Jillian, Raquel):

  • Kick the doors in to be in the right room.

  • Nikki Miller: Be present, scale yourself, let your voice be the loudest voice in your Mind.

Daniel Dixon:

  • Integrated $’s per transaction on multiple lines of business (37K available for each transaction). In a shrinking transaction market, need to monetize it at least 5 different ways.

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