Terms And Conditions


  1. The RISE Speed-To-Lead (S2L) Program is designed for an EXCLUSIVE/LIMITED Group of agents who will be part of the R.I.S.E. S2L program and which will allow them to be coached every 2 weeks for 30 minutes on the “Best In Class” practices.
  2. This program will focus on the 5 major pillars to ensure the highest close ratio and “At Bat” opportunities.

The 5 Pillars of success and Best in Class Practice for our agents to receive the most hot- connect Lead opportunities are as follows:

Speed 2 Lead – We must answer hot-connects in under 10 secs, we must have that number when it rings, ring a minimum of 2 agents simultaneous preferably up to 5 to ensure maximum hot-connect lead opportunities with consumers.

– CONVERSION- This is a conversion, success-based game. Whether you convert a lease or a small home, your Score and Algorithm jump significantly based on conversion!

– Multiple communication paths are required, phone, text, email, and also a social media engagement, where appropriate and possible.

– All ancillary business partners will be used for transactions as that also affects your data science score and your ability to generate more business.

-Ensuring your settings for the lead aggregators are updated to optimize the opportunities as well as conversions. 

  1. Expectation setting is Critical, please review and make sure you are clear on this Online Lead Program:
  • The Avg Sales Price in markets for this program will usually be around 5% less than the median.
  • Lead aggregators “Tests” new Agents on the program, so not every lead is perfect, the system is trying to ascertain who, as an agent is someone who will follow up quickly, overcommunicate and be a long term Realtor partner in the program.
  • Much like having an REO account, you can’t just take the “Good Leads”, you have to show you are able to handle all leads in order to get more “at bats” than the rest of the network. They penalize Realtors who are trying to cherry pick leads
  • Each Agent will receive a lead volume of between 12-20** Hot Connects a month.
  • This number will vary based on your success, SPEED TO LEAD, communication within the App and conversion.
  • If you have any further questions, please email our team’s VIP support email at riseVIPsupport@salesisacareer.com.
  1. Terms
  • 90-DAY commitment to initial term. After initial term, agreement will automatically renew on a month-to-month basis until notice of nonrenewal is provided to the other party at least ten (10) days prior to the current renewal date.
  • $300 / Month
  • We reserve the right to give a 30-day notice based on your performance and after 45 days you could be removed from the program should you not fulfill the requirements and Best In Class BIC process to ensure success.
  • To assist you by directly troubleshooting any issues, you we will request that you provide your User Name Login once your accounts are set up. Allowing us to have access will ensure any questions or issues be directly addressed by an executive of the RISE team. We want to be able to directly address and fix any problems that you happen to come across as timely as possible to ensure your success in our program, as our priority is setting our agents up for success.
  • By signing this agreement you are willing to use the Ecosystem (Lenders and Title).
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